The journey towards living our best life is rooted in the exploration of unearthing who we are and deeply nourishing ourselves from the inside out.


I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power!  I empower my clients with the wisdom and confidence necessary to take control over their health and forge a path toward wellness.

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Wahls Protocol® Practitioner

Certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault counselor

Hi, I’m Meri.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been intrigued by the notion that the food I put in my mouth has the power to benefit my body in ways that will make me stronger.  Twenty years ago, I went on to study nutrition and my professional career began.  As a Registered Dietitian working at Christ Hospital in Jersey City, NJ., often I would reach the patients too late in their health journey to foster any positive effects in their disease state through diet or lifestyle. 

While my recommended hospital meal plan would be appropriate for the moment, seldom did I have enough time to fully discuss how to shop and prepare the kind of foods that would take them from a place of feeling unwell to one of health and vibrancy.  I became disheartened, craving a career that was helping people get healthy rather than stand by and observe the effects of poor diet and lifestyle behaviors.

Over the years, as the term “Functional Medicine” became more known, I began to seek out and incorporate more holistic approaches to my own common ailments, following the work of physicians such as Dr. Andrew Weil and then later, Dr. Mark Hyman.  That’s when I discovered and enrolled in The Institute For Integrative Nutrition.  Learning from the top world leaders in health and wellness during this year-long certification in functional nutrition, confirmed my belief that the body, given the right tools, has the power to heal itself in miraculous ways.


Encourage inner confidence in every client I work with on their own personal health journey.

One of my first clients after graduating from IIN was a gentleman struggling with Multiple Sclerosis which caused him to end his career and begin an early retirement. 

Brain fog, a dropped foot and slow gait was on the top of his list of ailments.  Having listened to Dr. Terry Wahls on a Podcast, I began to research and then bring her work to my client with assistance on how to implement the diet and lifestyle changes.  Within a week, he felt a change in his overall systemic inflammation.  His brain fog improved and he was amazed at the change in his walking speed.  It was then I realized Dr. Wahls’ work was groundbreaking and I was eager to learn more.

I enrolled in Dr. Wahls’ specialized training and later became certified in coaching the Wahls Protocol® .  Today, not only do I follow the Wahls Protocol diet and lifestyle, but I do so with my clients as well.  Nothing makes me happier that to work with others on their individual health journey.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, or you suffer with symptoms to which the medical community has given you no answers, you’re in the right place!