Working with a health coach is transformative - create resilience and cultivate internal motivation towards wellness


With contradictory information often dispelled to the public, living a healthy life can be confusing and at times overwhelming. Working with a health coach is a unique opportunity to take out the guesswork and learn from someone with up to date knowledge backed by science. Having seen firsthand what small changes to diet and lifestyle can do to remarkably rebuild a healthy immune system, it’s my passion to stay informed on the newest studies and findings from top functional medicine physicians.

I empower clients to draw on their strengths and develop self-awareness. We work together in removing roadblocks in order to unearth optimal health and vitality. Together, we identify your goals and formulate a plan to support your immune system by decreasing systemic inflammation through diet and lifestyle intervention.
Because each of us is bio-individual, sessions will look different for everyone as we tackle your unique health concerns. However, with the belief that “knowledge is power”, I will build these important topics into our sessions: Food allergies and sensitivities; identification of health promoting foods and then choosing a food plan that works for you; detoxification; alternative therapies; sleep; stress management and more. (See the Circle of Life Tab for the fun and powerful exercise that we will use as a foundation for our work together).

As a health coach, I can not recommend supplements. However, I have a broad sense of knowledge on how herbs, spices and supplements may aid in healing and therefore will offer educational materials if requested that may then be brought to your medical care team for further discussion.

Absolutely! Your progress will be just as important to me as it will be to you! We will have check- in times built in between sessions if that’s your preference.
It starts with a free half hour call with me. We will discuss your health struggles, what you have been doing prior that has or hasn’t worked for you and I will offer you insights on how I may see myself able to help you in your healing journey. From there, you get to decide if it feels like a fit for you at that time.
I meet with my clients either via Zoom or in person at my Ridgefield, CT office twice a month for six months. Working together for six months has been shown to give the most optimal amount of time to implement change as well as experience setbacks that we will tackle together and then learn how to realign and get back on track.
My Health Coaching Package can be either in person at my Ridgefield, CT office or via Zoom. We’ll meet for a one-hour session twice a month for 6 months with check-in calls and email access between visits. This will be a total of 12 sessions at a price of $900



May 2023

The Wahls Protocol® Autoimmune Support Group

Each week we’ll deep dive into dietary guidance, discussion about physical, metabolic and mental resilience, detoxification and how to sustain the change.

We’ll share recipes, try new foods, learn ways of making home cooking fun, share laughs and make lifelong friends who engage in a similar desire to tap into their own innate healing.

Studies have shown the benefits of engaging in a support group include: realizing you’re not alone, having the abilityto express your feelings in a safe space, gaining helpful information, improved social skills, gaining hope, reduced stress, increased self-understanding and the ability to also help others

If interested, email