Meri’s Insights


Benefits of Autophagy

Today, biohacker and longevity seekers are turning towards methods of inducing autophagy for anti-aging benefits by putting our cells under a certain amount of stress and sending them into survival mode.


VOCs and Indoor Air Quality

VOCs or volatile organic compounds are gases that are emitted from certain materials and they can come from a rather large variety of sources.


What More can I do for an Osteopenia or Osteoporosis Diagnosis?

For most individuals, our bones are the strongest by the age of 30.  From that point on we begin to lose bone mass and for women, the rate of decline in bone density increases as we approach 50 years of age.


L.O.V.E for 2023

It’s already mid-January and I’ve just arrived home from back to back vacations.  I rang in the New Year in San Francisco with my extended family celebrating my father’s 80th birthday, then came back for two short days and whisked off for a relaxing vacation with my boyfriend down in sunny Florida.  I’m happy to be back home now sitting at my cozy computer doing what I love and connecting with others!

Food & Health

Is Offal really that Awful??

For those of us that have been brought up with chopped liver at the dinner table during the high holy holidays, you’re well aware that people either love or despise the flavor.